About Us

Our goal

We want to end the cycle of youth homelessness in PA. We work with parents who are unable or unwilling to shelter their children and with the unwanted, suffering street kids. Our goal is to protect and safeguard all children of God. Our goal is to get these children back with their family or relatives, and to give them the opportunities to reach their highest potential.

In order to reach these goals, we need the support of school districts and state officials. Our hope is to raise awareness in the school districts by having effective presentations with the staff and students. We also hope to work with state officials to heighten the awareness of the major increase in the number the unaccompanied youths under 24. These youths have nowhere to go and are not going to live in shelters with 30 to 60-year-old men.

Our mission

Our mission is to safely get these young kids off the streets. We are committed to meeting the needs of youth experiencing hunger and homelessness. Through a nourishing meal, shower facilities, clean clothes, a fitness center, medical attention, and by addressing alcohol or drug addiction, we can get them on a fast track recovery program.

We need to get these kids back into high school and through graduation. We would like to help them with their future education and assist with FASFA applications (work study programs that keep them involved during their breaks and summer sessions so they will not hit the street again).

Youth homelessness is a silent epidemic. These kids need trust in their lives. A true end to homelessness is a safe stable place to call home.

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Why we help homeless youth

As a teenager I saw firsthand how stability and trust can reshape lives.

While working with my uncle, a contractor in Delaware County and Philadelphia, I noticed he hired men who were alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless. They needed a job, place to stay, and a place to get cleaned. These men were down and out and had hit rock bottom.

With his contracting business he kept them busy doing all types of jobs including roofing, siding, and concrete. The men were coming and going all the time. The ones who stayed worked hard, got paid and got clean. This made a big impact on me. Also, in college I worked with my mother in Community Interactions dealing with the disabled young adults.

These experiences relate to the youth in the street today. They are doing drugs, selling drugs, drinking alcohol, and have no place to go. My uncle’s approach worked. What I have learned from my past experience is that the ones you reach out to learn to trust in you and get their life back on track.

Saint Anne, Mother of Mary

I am one of ten children, and my grandparents died before I knew them. Over the years, I noticed my nieces and nephews were very fond of my mother, who had a total of 41 grandchildren and 44 great grandchildren. She was the heart of our home and the heart of our family. As a tribute to her love, I named my ministry after Saint Anne, the Mother of Mary, our Blessed Mother, and Grandmother of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

The youth I talk to in the street want to be home together with their families and grandparents, and long to feel loved. Saint Anne’s name means Grace (Favor) and Mercy (Love). She is the helper of the poor and is the Guardian of Family.

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How you can help

The money you donate goes directly to providing basic needs to the runaway homeless youth, like clothing, food, and toiletries. Donate here